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Herzlich Willkommen bei Woll• Lust!

Hier gibt es einzigartige Produkte aus reiner und fairer Naturwolle zu entdecken - auch alles für dein neues Handarbeitsprojekt. Lass dich überraschen, was du mit Wolle und Garn alles machen kannst – und vor allem – wie individuell du dein eigenes Woll-Lust-Produkt gestalten kannst.

Besuch mich doch gerne im Shop in Ermatingen. Details findest du am Ende der Seite.


Woll • Lust pattern


Wool • wool • wool

Ausverkauf wegen Sortimentsumstellung

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Knitting & crochet hooks


Woll • Lust products

From happy animals

I get the wool for my products from Lithuania and from my cooperation with Schachenmayr and Gedifra. When choosing my suppliers, it was important to me that it is wool that is not obtained in the torturing process of "mulesing" and that there is generally an animal-loving attitude. I was able to convince myself of that.
From time to time there is a straw in the wool that I use. For me this does not mean a lack of quality, but a sign of naturalness. I see them as little lucky charms.


Everything from Woll • Lust is unique . Except for a few items in stock the products manufactured on demand . That means something like on order .


Depending on the order situation, it can take up to 2 weeks to produce your product, but it gives you the opportunity to have your part individually designed .


Do you already have some ideas or need input from me? Just get in touch and we will design your very own Woll • Lust product.

Your wool • lust - your unique piece

That's why wool Lust

The suggestive naming of the label for hand-made wool products comes with a clear message: Woll-Lust articles are all hand-made and consist of 100% natural wool .


The decision for this is based on the product properties. Natural wool keeps you nice and warm, but also knows when you no longer need to add more heat. Overheating is not possible as a result. The material is supple and can take on almost any shape .


Don't worry in damp weather: natural wool stays nice and dry , but at the same time it can give off moisture. Due to its antibacterial properties, natural wool does not get dirty as quickly and still smells wonderful after repeated use. Ventilating natural wool products is usually sufficient and saves washing. But in general, natural wool is washable! You can find all information about laundry for each product. You will also receive detailed instructions on laundry and handling with your order.


My wool Lust

Wool • Lust has been with me since I was a child. At home, handwork was very important. My mother and grandmother passed on their craft to me very traditionally: crocheting, knitting, sewing.

All products are hand-knotted by me according to some of my own crochet and knitting patterns. A manual knitting machine is sometimes used on long journeys and with the particularly voluminous woolen threads I can often knit without needles - handcrafting at its best.


Who would have thought that a tradition would become such a passion and grow into my own label. Now I want to infect you with my lust.

I have made it my business to show that wool and the work techniques associated with it are by no means conservative and only for people aged 70 and over. Wool is so versatile and with the right processing it is exactly the right thing for every season and age group!


Your Tina

Garn-Ball mit Nadeln
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